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We keep you updated on environmental issues in international trade agreements. Learn more about trends in trade, case studies on specific PTA and insights into the TREND web tool.

  The 2016 Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union (CETA) and the 2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are two recent trade agreements that include several environmental provisions. Moreover, both CETA  and the TPP  were innovative in that they include new provisions not found in previous agreements. CETA is the very first […]

  What drives the inclusion of environmental provisions in trade agreements? One might suspect that environmentally friendly rhetoric hides economic motives, such as ensuring that foreign regulations do not restrict trade, investors are not attracted by a country’s lower standards, and producers are shielded from foreign competitors. Are environmental provisions merely window-dressing, covering up protectionist […]

  International trade has been acknowledged as an effective means of achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and realising a number of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the same time, we need to look behind the headlines and untangle the interplay between trade and sustainable development, in particular with regard to […]

The rising number of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) covers an ever-broader array of policy areas, going far beyond the traditional reduction of tariffs. For example, such trade agreements include provisions on investment, intellectual property, labour rights and environmental protection. While environmental aspects have only been tentatively included in WTO negotiations thus far, numerous bilateral and […]